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If you are committed to growth via tech then your marketing activities need to be aligned to the systems you put in place.

Looking for impartial advice?
  • Would you like to automatically track your social media and website enquiries?
  • Do you need to build a new website but not sure where to start?
  • Are you looking for some impartial advice with regards to potential marketing suppliers?

Streamline Marketing Operations

You may wonder why I include marketing services as part of my service offering. Well, if you are truly committed to using technology to help grow your business then your marketing activities need to be aligned to the systems you put in place. Working in this way ensures you can see what is working, where your customers are coming from and what you need to do more of.

I help clients to streamline their marketing operations by assessing their requirements, offering independent advice and recommending relevant and reliable marketing suppliers. I will be on hand to ensure your marketing activities can be tracked and reported upon efficiently via your existing technology.

Whatever Your Problem

Technology Has an Answer


What My Clients Have to Say

“John has helped our company grow, move and change over the last ten years and is always available with sensible advice.”

The Marsh Agency, Camilla Ferrier

“John’s helpful and practical approach to technology has helped me expand my global perspective and in turn my global presence.”

KY Horse Properties by K2 Group LLC, Jennifer Karlen

“We had a terrible NAS drive which wasn’t backed up – we lived in fear of [it] dying. We moved to G-Suite which enable us to move office effortlessly, work from home, share files with clients and do all sorts of stuff. We’ve never been so organised.”

Furnishing Interiors Ltd, Suzanne Elsey

“If you’re looking to take the hassle out of your IT, look no further. We’ve used John on a monthly retainer for around 9 years and despite me questioning the cost at the beginning, I’ve not regretted it for a moment. On hand almost all the time, our IT issues and idiotic questions are solved promptly and efficiently.”

Safari Consultants, Bill Adams

“I employed John to help with our IT setup and to see if he could find solutions to some of the limitations we were having with our software. I was amazed by the amount of easy to implement improvements that John was able to come up with, I felt that I received real value for money and in so would definitely recommend John…”

Hartley Electricians, Richard Malpas