Furnishing Interiors Ltd

Suzanne runs a successful interior design business in Kent. Suzanne made contact with me as her systems were negatively impacting on her business. She was not in control of her expenses and she was feeling frazzled from over-working.

The Challenge:

  • Productivity affected by slow broadband
  • System for sharing, storing and backing up very weak
  • Poor credit control
  • Over reliance on paper
  • Poor work-life balance

The Strategy:

The first task was to move the business onto Google G-Suite, which gathered all the files into one place and provided secure email. Xero was installed after that and I organised a book keeping service to get on top of all the figures. I recommended a new

supplier to build a new website and handle SEO. I installed Insightly to keep a track of customers, alongside PandaDoc (an electronic signature system).

The Result:

Suzanne is now compliant with the law, lots of problems have been solved and administration time has reduced massively. She feels in control now that she is able to check the status of each client on a CRM system. Suzanne feels happier, her team has expanded and she’s completing twice as much work than before the introduction of the new technology.

Furnishing Interiors Ltd

What They Say

“We had a terrible NAS drive which wasn’t backed up – we lived in fear of [it] dying. We moved to G-Suite which enable us to move office effortlessly, work from home, share files with clients and do all sorts of stuff. We’ve never been so organised.”

Furnishing Interiors Ltd, Suzanne Elsey