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Create a memorable strong password

We all understand the need to keep our technology secure and the foundation for good security is to use strong passwords. Your password is your front door key against the world of cyber crime.

Here’s a quick way to make up a good strong password that you can remember.

Our brains find it easier to remember things in chunks – for example formatted phone numbers (020 7164 6895 vs 02071646895); so to make a password that’s strong and memorable we’ll break down a complex one:

First, pick a four-letter word.  Ideally not a name and not something someone would associate with you. (e.g. ship)

Next, Capitalise any one of the letters. (e.g. sHip)

Third, pick a four digit number – not your birthday, and not your PIN number. (e.g. 0168)

Fourth – pick any four symbols from the top and right side of the keyboard.  (e.g. [email protected]’\)

Finally put these three sets together in any order. (e.g. [email protected]’\ )

And there you have a good strong password which you should be able to remember!

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